A warm welcome here. Let us begin by very briefly tell you what you can be expected to stumble across these pages. We're pretty darn proud of the journey we have made as a company and how we developed our customers, something we are happy to talk to anyone who bothered to listen. Here is information on who we are, what we have done, what we can and what we want. But above all, we want this to give you a pretty clear picture of what our extensive toolbox and overall experience can help you to increase your attractiveness on a right properly competitive market. Would you still can not find what you're looking for here, do not hesitate to give us a call. Or better yet, come by so we're talking on a cup of java.

Our technical product portfolio mainly includes two major products that we choose to highlight: Ramses and Sesam. They are few in number and have different characteristics, but offers an ocean of possibilities and features.

If you also use them together with synergy that opens up a whole new dimension. For example, sporting their own arenas enables the customized product duo a unique workflow that saves time and money, 

while content can be significantly improved by the availability of resources.  

Ramses and Sesam can be used to publish and manage text, images and video simultaneously for web, mobile devices and arenas, manage presentation of key game statistics, distribute, and display commercial messages, manage arena entertainment media cubes and LED signs simultaneously, live broadcast video on the web - and much, much more.

SES started once as a pure production company, niche in sports in general and hockey in particular. A wise man once said to us: "If you can to produce hockey you can handle the production of almost anything." There, we took note of this and can now sign the claim. The production department of the company is still in all highly active, but now with a larger width, and has never been better equipped to face new challenges. We produce a variety of television, web TV, advertising, presentations, documentaries, animation, DVD productions, sports columns, live coverage of events and more - all from conception to completion.

In addition to video production, our team holds experienced project managers, developers, designers, web editors and producers for in-depth news reporting and news coverage. 
We focus purely natural sports production because it is what is closest to us the heart, but thanks to a large network, there are no projects that discourage us.

In this era of tough competition customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the success of any business, regardless of its volume. Customer satisfaction is the key of success for our busines, we have been awared a AA certification for our services, best working environment, professional attitude and goodwill in the market and also between our respectable compititors. We focus on quality, timelines and promisses in this regards.

We often execute customer satisfaction survey, which is the first step toward gathering the baseline insights for creating and reinforcing pleasurable experiences. From these insights, we start understanding the core experience of our customers, reflecting their liking of our company’s business activities, including products/services, and calibrating big business decisions off of data, instead of guessing.